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January, 2012

The Most Valuable Learning Tool in Your Pocket

Continuing your education is always a good thing. Or even just starting your education, it is a great thing to keep advancing in your life. The more you do now, the better your future will end up.

Where are the Best Distance Learning Schools?

A good way to learn all you can about distant learning is doing a search online. You will find there are several sites that review each school that offer distant learning courses. The reviews will tell you about the price, what classes are offered, and also what the students think of the school. It is a great way to narrow down what you are thinking for a school and career.

What Questions do I Ask My Counselor?

That is up to you, but ask as many as you think you should. Feeling comfortable with your new program is very important. It also helps you gauge whether or not the school is going to be ideal for you and your needs.

The more schooling you have the better for your future. Having marketable skills is a good thing in today’s economy, because then you have options for job searches and career fairs.


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6 iPhone Apps that will Help with Managing Personal Spending Habits

Are you having trouble keeping up with your spending, and trying to find the right way to deal with your spending habits? If you are constantly on the go and have access to an iPhone, you’ll be perfectly fine with some good apps to help you keep your costs under control!

1. Mobile Banking
One cool app to get is Mobile Banking. There are a lot of these apps for free, so you’ll be doing yourself a favor by checking up on your account while you are out. In case you think of purchasing a big ticket item, you’ll have your correct account information right there, so you don’t overspend.

2. Tipulator
This kind of app is a bit different, but it’s very useful for when you go out to the bar or to a restaurant. The app is called the Tipulator. It’s 99 cents, but it’s a reliable source for finding out how much you should tip. This will keep you from over or under tipping. A lot of the tipping mechanisms are already on your phone, so it’s up to you to find out whether or not Tipulator is useful for you.

3. Pennies
For the habitual spender, there is a nice app called Pennies that will help you with your monthly budget. It costs $2.99 but it’s really effective and setting limits for yourself, so you don’t end up over spending and you keep your financial account under control. In this kind of economy, it’s important to save more than you spend.

4. Mint
If you don’t want to spend the money, but get the same kind of service – Mint app is for you. This is really useful not only for budget purposes, but it’s good for loan and debt purposes, too. You’ll be able to track your debt and loan costs, and help pay them off. Not only will you be able to do that, you’ll also be able to keep track of your investments and minimize your risks!

5. Virtual Key Ring
In the realm of making things more digital, you can keep your different reward cards on a virtual key ring. This is a great free app because you’ll be able to keep your store discount cards on deck to save money on groceries!

6. Grocery App
On top of that, there is a grocery app that will allow you to get your grocery list together, and get a look at how much things will cost for your budget.

If you keep track of your spending, you are less likely to go over budget. This will help keep you from getting in situations where a lack of available funds cause issues. Often those who need cash advances or payday loans may have missed a step in learning how to manage their budgets or perhaps have experienced an extreme financial hardship. Either way, it is important to know how much you have and how much you spend in order to balance your spending accordingly.

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Forex Trading From Your iPhone

Being able to partake in currency trading can improve your investment portfolio. When it comes to trading timing is always the key. You either need to hire someone to handle your trading, or do it yourself.

iPhone Applications

Finding an application that can be downloaded to your phone can be a great help. The reason it is a great help is because you can do your trading anywhere or any time. For instance, you could be riding the bus to work and do all of your trades. Be able to do quick transactions will help your portfolio.

What is the Best Application for my Phone?

The best way to find this information is to go on the Internet and talk with forex brokers. You will have to do a major search engine search to find a website that contains reviews about applications for the iPhone or join an fxclub. It is a great idea to read and review all of the submissions. You are going to gain important information from all of the reviews.

When you have downloaded your new application for your iPhone, it is a great idea to take the time to play around with your new application so that you understand how it works.


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Get Your Credit Scores on Your Smartphone

Obtaining your free credit score can be done several ways. These ways are all quick, easy, and should be fairly painless.

What Your Smartphone Can Do For You

You already know your smartphone is a great little gadget. The apps for the smartphone are awesome, and can really help you out in everyday life. Finding the perfect app for your smartphone is simple as a few clicks. If you are seeking your credit report via your smartphone, be sure you find a secure app, because your credit report is sensitive data.

Now What Do I Do?

If you have your credit score now, you need to determine your goals. What are you trying to do? Are you buying a car or home? Or are you just trying to get your credit cleaned up? Either way setting realistic goals is a great thing to do, and it will make you feel good as you start fixing your problems.

Your smartphone is a great thing to have. Always be sure you do your updates, and keep your phone free of anything that can harm it. Your app should always be checked for updates as well.

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Get a Merchant Account through Your iPhone

You can open a store that sells some of the most sought after merchandise; you can setup an ice cream dispensing machine in your store; you can even set up a cappuccino or espresso maker for paying customers. But if you don’t process credit cards, like some 26,000,000 small businesses in the United States; you’re not going to make it. Seriously, get with the program. Many people don’t even carry cash anymore. Internet merchant accounts are a necessity for anyone doing business today.

If Not Your Store, then At Least your iPhone

The acceptance of credit cards at your store means purchasing a credit card reader, probably getting tied into a long-term contract, having one specifically dedicated phone line (for credit card processing only), and utterly crazy monthly fees. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a system through which you can accept credit card payments at your store, at the very least set up a merchant account on your iPhone. Whoever would’ve thought that it would be possible—but it is? Technology has made it so. Now a smart phone and applications such as “Square” allow you to process credit cards as a merchant through your smart phone. Merchants formerly not accepting credit cards who have made the switch are seeing double and triple the sales that they had previously recorded. The system is paperless and transactions can be tracked from a different location, such as your home.

Door to Door Sales

If door to door sales is how you make your living, or how you raise money for a good cause; processing credit cards through your smart phone is… Smart. If people don’t have more than a couple of dollars on them they are less likely to buy. Let’s say you’re raising funds for school by selling pizzas door to door. Each pizza is $5.00. The lady that answers the door wants to help out your cause but only has $5.00 on her or less. If she has a credit card and you have a merchant account on your smart phone she can buy as many pizzas as she wants as long as she has a card that works through your smart phone merchant account. Get the picture?

It’s just good business.

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