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Our Top Geek Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a time of love and affection. It’s usually full of chocolates, flowers, and cards – but what should you buy for the geek in your life? Shopping for someone who’s tastes are outside the norm doesn’t have to be difficult.

What Geek Girls Like

If you’re stuck on Valentine’s Day gift ideas for a geeky girl, why not just ask her what she’d like? Most geeks are pretty practical, and that way you’ll be sure to get her something she loves. Find a way to make the presentation of it romantic, but give a gift she can use and enjoy.

What Geek Guys Want

Unique Valentine’s Day gifts for geeky guys are easier. Whatever you know your guy enjoys, get him something related to that. Most likely, that’s going to be a video game or something to do with TV or computer equipment. Learn about games by visiting You could even get his Apple TV 3 jailbroken.

If you don’t want to ask your geek, or you want your gift to be a surprise, you could look for something that goes along with one of his or her hobbies. Even his or her favorite shows on DVD could be a good choice. Most geeks aren’t that into sports, so you might want to avoid those, but gifts with some thought behind them are always winners.

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Social Media Is Great For Online Gamers

186873_world_cyber_games_2004_finalsIs it hard to get your teenager to put down their cell phone?  Probably not any harder than it would be if you asked them to cut off their right hand.  What are they doing on that cell phone?  They are likely communicating.  Or they could be playing a game.   The reason that they are probably either social networking or gaming is that they have now finally reached the point where they are running neck and neck in time spent on smart phones.  Yes, it’s true, social networking has dethroned the formerly most accessed thing in the mobile website world… gaming.  And whereas your teenager may be maturing at a slower level, experts are claiming that social networking is reaching full maturity at a furious pace. Perhaps there was just too much gaming saturating the Internet.  But if you have played some of these more sophisticated, globally reaching online games it doesn’t take any kind of social media coaching to recognize that some of these games are in and of themselves a form of social networking.


Even the Almighty Email Takes a Backseat


Lets face it… Why wait for someone to email you when you can simply open up a chat line and talk to them as if they were in the same room with you?  Better yet, punch a button and you can actually appear face-to-face and speak as if they were sitting directly in front of you – which in a way, they are. Skype, Facetime and other person-to-person chats are revolutionizing what used to be the quickest way to ‘ speak’ with someone… email.  And though social networking may be competing with gaming, a type of partnership has been formed between the two.  Kids from Wyoming are playing the same game online as kids in China.  They are playing at the same time and with each other.  This interaction of global proportion is a type of social networking – albeit an entirely separate community from traditional social networking websites.


How Did This All Gets Started?


These days, you can download any number of free apps to your phone – most of them having to do with games.  Read this article to find out how to jailbreak to access even more apps. You can play poker at a table with several other players, each of them with their own avatar (picture, character and/or alter ego by which they are known online), compete against others playing slot machines and even buy them virtual ‘drinks’.  Back in the day of course, video games preceded Internet games.  You could play with someone else as long as they were standing right next to and you had a television set.  Finally, computer games were born which required the insertion of some type of floppy disk or other source of information for the computer to follow.


Clearly online gaming has come a long ways and though currently outdone by social networking, at least when it comes to popularity, promises to remain a steadfast fixture in societies both on and off the Internet.

For other online gaming interests,  check out the popular German game, Book of Ra? at!

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Hosting Options for Apple Lovers

Many people are migrating to FatCow as the popular website hosting service these days. If you own a Mac or are an apple software lover, many times it can be a pain trying to find the best service to support your website when you use your favorite apple device. Host gator, iWeb and MobileMe are some of the most popular platforms for webmasters that love to use apple  there are always other options online but many of the same rules Apply when picking a websites hosting service no matter what operating system or computer device you ate a accustomed to using.


Choosing a Service

It always helps to do your due diligence before settling on any final decisions. Many times checking apple forums are a great resource for cutting edge ideas that are outside the box but effective. No matter what hosting service you are looking at, you need a server dedicated to your needs. It’s always important to consider your top priorities for setting up a successful blog or website.


Apple’s not so Different

Once you identify your needs and priorities it is easier to narrow down the list or to focus your attention on the most viable candidates. It’s also important to concise the limitations of each hosting service incase your website or blog goes viral in an instant. You will different needs depending on the type of media and content you plan on using on the website. Integration with other Internet platforms like Facebook and twitter is another important factor to consider when making your final decisions.


Research shows that more and more people are using social network and friends likes when searching for information on the Internet. Take the time to evaluate your own aspirations before you begin to shop around for the best hosting service for website you will run and maintain trough your apple device.


Hostgator Coupons

How to Find a Web Host

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Apple Gadgets That Improve Your Home Business

Knowing full well that necessity is the mother of invention, Apple has found a way to expound on not only what is necessary, but what is convenient, fun, desirable, or just plain looks like it might be a good idea.  Now does Apple have enough idea people, that they most likely don’t need your help?  Yes, that is probably a very true statement.  What if you have an absolutely mind blowing idea?  How do you go about developing it?


You Know What They Say about Making Money


The old adage that it takes money to make money was never truer than it is these days.  Everything costs something.  And as much as you may have a good idea, you might need a little financial assistance to bring it to its fruition.  Saving money by using bulbs from LED hut can be a start. You might also consider a personal loan.  Going to a bank for this type of loan might present a problem, especially if you don’t have a great credit record.  Let’s face it, most inventive geniuses are right down there with struggling actors and artists, until they come up with that one big idea.  And as inexpensively as you try, coming up with that one big idea, on a starving inventive geniuses’ budget is harder than coming up with the idea itself.  Personal loans are a decent place to turn, should you find yourself in need of some fast money.  You’ve probably been warned about taking out quick loans, payday loans, personal loans, etc.  And truth be told, if you don’t handle them correctly, personal loans can catch up with you and ruin even the best credit rating, if not paid back on time.


Get Ready to Spend That Money


The best way to be sure that the money you get from your loan is spent wisely is to plan.  And then plan some more.  With a solid plan and figuring in as many incidentals as you possibly can, you stand a better chance of spending that money wisely and efficiently.  Wasting that money is only going to lead to the need for another loan, and who needs that?  Outline everything and lay it out, so that you can take it one step at a time, once you have the necessary funds in your hand.  And since Rome wasn’t built in a day, the chances that your big idea will be an overnight sensation are slim to none as well.  What this may afford you however is the ability to develop your idea, into something tangible, so that others can see just how beneficial it could be.  Once you’ve used that loan to make your idea into something that others can stand up and take notice of, it’s time to get some investors to back you and your project.


Of course one of the things that they’re going to need to give you money for besides the development of your new project is the money that you’ll need to pay back that loan. To really improve your business make sure you have a good base for clientele. Learn how to buy Facebook fans.

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Five Great iPhone Apps for Travelers

You’ve been saving up.  You’ve planned.  You found your cheap car insurance for young drivers. You have your Megabus Coupons with free wi-fi.  Your camera is ready.  Your vacation is so close, you can taste the barbeque……Now what?  What happens, when you get to your destination and you want to find a good Hungarian restaurant?  Or if, on the spur of the moment, you need to find a romantic horse and buggy ride, so you can make that marriage proposal?  Did you just find out about a concert, that you didn’t know about before?  Need a rental car or even where the best places are to park?

Whether you travel only occasionally or you are the experienced traveler, Apple iPhone can make your trip easier, with numerous applications to help you along the way, of your next business trip or pleasure vacation.  Find out about  river fishing and other great vacation ideas. (Visit And, most of the app’s listed are FREE! Or unlock more apps by unlocking your phone and using

Flight Track

Ever gotten to the airport on time, only to find out your flight has in some way been delayed or even (gulp) cancelled?   If you do a lot of airline travel, this app is a must, if you are interested in every aspect about your flight.  It allows the user to check all important information about your flight, including delays, cancellations, gate numbers even aircraft speed and altitude.

The Weather Channel

Whether you are traveling by train, plain, automobile or motorcycle, this is a great application to have, in order to figure out what will be the day’s forecast,   You don’t need to keep checking the weather on the hotel T.V., as if you have ADD. The Weather Channel allows you mobility to instantly check on the weather, at your current location.


One of the easiest ways to find places to eat, in whatever city you are staying in, is Urbanspoon.  This application allows the user multiple search criteria, according to city, cuisine type, popularity, and price point.  You can even just shake your phone and Urbanspoon will pick the restaurant for you.  How easy!

Taxi Magic

If you don’t care to spend the day walking around, or you just need to get over to that special event, Taxi Magic is the easiest way to go, when you need a cab.  From your phone you can call, track and pay for your cab.  The “magic” is the cab company must be participating in the booking end of the app, in whatever city you find yourself.  If the local cab companies do not participate in Taxi Magic, you will still be able to find a list of cab companies and numbers to call.


This is a simple to use comprehensive program that allows the user to search for a multitude of businesses, services and events.  Search either by the city you are in or your current location.  You can search restaurants, by the type of cuisine or shopping, by the type of store.

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Apple Plans Your Halloween Party

 Here we go again with the double entendres. Are we talking about Apple as a company, as in technological devices; or are we referring to the good old fashioned piece of fruit that, supposedly, keeps the doctor away when consumed once a day?


Apple—The Company


Having a party that could be labeled ‘All Things Apple’ could be started with Halloween invites in the shape of a laptop (with the obligatory apple on the front) that, when opened, resembles an open laptop with the party information printed on the ‘screen’ and a ‘keyboard’ fashioned on the bottom page. Costumes and decorations could represent all things computer or social technology related: i.e. laptops, iPads with the Bluebird iPad POS, iPhones, Facebook, apps, etc. Now when you start talking about apps, you open up a whole new area of concepts. Games! Angry Birds and other such games have taken the world by storm. Need an idea? Google the Apple App Store and just look around.


The Apple of My Eye


Used to be that no Halloween party was complete without a good old fashioned game of ‘Bobbing for Apples’. Personally, I find it repulsively unhygienic…but so much fun that I can’t resist a shot at it! A Halloween apple pie can be created by throwing a bit of orange food coloring on the topping crust and lightly using some black or bright yellow frosting to fashion the face of a jack-o-lantern. Your invites could even resemble a big apple with the face of a jack-o-lantern ‘carved’ into it, rather than a pumpkin. Of course you’ll need to decorate with as many variations of apples as the mind can ever conceive of and someone is going to be required to dress like an apple. (If it’s not a kids party Ada and Eve could be worked in at some point.)


Lastly we have…The Big Apple. All things New York. Now that’s easier than anything. Just make sure not everybody comes as the Statue of Liberty!

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