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Customizing Your iPhone Experience

Wikipedia describes the lock on your phone which limits you to only one carrier as a SIM lock. It further states that this lock cannot be removed with the simple entering of a code number. But leave it to hackers to find a way.

Unlocking Your iPhone

You can cause unneeded problems with your phone if you try manipulating the hardware and you don’t know what you’re doing. Keep this in mind. You should utilize highly rated unlocking software only. The type of iPhone you have will determine the type of software required for unlocking. If you need further assistance enter unlock the iphone in a search engine and follow the steps that they give you. Be sure that before you follow the steps you have researched the source from which the instructions came.

There Are Many Ways To Customize Your Phone

Wallpaper seems to be huge in the world of customization when it comes to iPhones and apps. But in fact many apps and customization processes can be done without jail breaking (a term related to unlocking). The number available to you is somewhat limited however.

Then again, if you have already performed a jailbreak on your phone your customization options are limitless.

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