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Get a Merchant Account through Your iPhone

You can open a store that sells some of the most sought after merchandise; you can setup an ice cream dispensing machine in your store; you can even set up a cappuccino or espresso maker for paying customers. But if you don’t process credit cards, like some 26,000,000 small businesses in the United States; you’re not going to make it. Seriously, get with the program. Many people don’t even carry cash anymore. Internet merchant accounts are a necessity for anyone doing business today.

If Not Your Store, then At Least your iPhone

The acceptance of credit cards at your store means purchasing a credit card reader, probably getting tied into a long-term contract, having one specifically dedicated phone line (for credit card processing only), and utterly crazy monthly fees. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a system through which you can accept credit card payments at your store, at the very least set up a merchant account on your iPhone. Whoever would’ve thought that it would be possible—but it is? Technology has made it so. Now a smart phone and applications such as “Square” allow you to process credit cards as a merchant through your smart phone. Merchants formerly not accepting credit cards who have made the switch are seeing double and triple the sales that they had previously recorded. The system is paperless and transactions can be tracked from a different location, such as your home.

Door to Door Sales

If door to door sales is how you make your living, or how you raise money for a good cause; processing credit cards through your smart phone is… Smart. If people don’t have more than a couple of dollars on them they are less likely to buy. Let’s say you’re raising funds for school by selling pizzas door to door. Each pizza is $5.00. The lady that answers the door wants to help out your cause but only has $5.00 on her or less. If she has a credit card and you have a merchant account on your smart phone she can buy as many pizzas as she wants as long as she has a card that works through your smart phone merchant account. Get the picture?

It’s just good business.

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