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Is an LTE Capable iPad Coming?

Last week AT&T unveiled their new Micro SIM cards that are expected to be compatible with their LTE 4G Network and Apples soon to be unveiled iPad 3. This news excited many industry insiders who write about SIM only deals and have been following the development of the new Micro SIM because this advancement will save consumers time and money.

This released trumped Nokia’s planned released of their Lumina 900, a phone that’s also expected to be compatible on 4G networks as well too. Consumers who are looking for best SIM only deals online deals can find the Micro SIM at competitive prices.

What to Expect From The iPad 3

This news excited iPad fans because the iPad 2 isn’t LTE compatible yet and this would give the next generation of iPad much faster capabilities than before. The iPad 3 is also expected to have a crisper “retina display” that’s expected to be a huge improvement over the iPad 2.
Other cool features that consumers can expect from the iPad 3 are an increased thickness, an improved camera and more.

More Apple News

Besides the upcoming release of the iPad 3, Apple fans are also excited about the company’s development of textbooks that are completely digital. The digital textbooks that will be published for their iBooks 2 app will offer students a more interactive learning experience than with traditional text books

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