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Never Get Locked Out Again

1399470_girl_with_mobile_phoneNo one can deny the greatness of the iPhone.  I know that I was in line the day that they hit the market and I wasn’t the only one!  Since I travel overseas so often and my carrier’s international roaming rates are so high, I went with the unlocked iPhone option, so that I can use any provider’s SIM card, giving me the option of using an overseas carrier with lower rates, while I am in Europe. Of course, the office does pay for a portion of those calls, since we are there on business, but the lion’s share of those expenses are paid by the employees who made the calls.  Little do my coworkers know just how easy it is to unlock the iPhone to get those lower rates.


Why Unlock Your iPhone?


For the most part, people don’t realize why they would have a need to unlock their iPhone and the general public tends to stick with the plan that their provider offers.  Well, I’ve never been the type who likes to be boxed into the first contract that is put in front of me.  Perhaps it has something to do with my fear of commitment…At any rate, having an unlocked iPhone means that I don’t have to just take what cell phone service providers are offering, to anyone who walks through the door.  An unlocked iPhone means that I can pick and choose which provider I want to use, even giving me the power to switch between carriers for different situations, simply by switching out the phone SIM card.  In other words, unlocking your iPhone gives you the freedom to make your own decisions, when it comes to your service.


Unlocking The iPhone


Now that you know why you should unlock your iPhone, you probably want to know how.  Don’t worry, I didn’t know how at first either!  It’s actually pretty easy and if you go through the official routes, it won’t void your warranty or interrupt any service.  The best way to get an officially unlocked iPhone is simply to buy one from Apple directly.  A few years back, iPhone started offering unlocked iPhones, for purchase directly from their stores and websites.  Your phone’s serial number is added to a database that keeps track of unlocked phones, so that the phone isn’t tethered to a specific provider.  This really is the best way, but there is also software available that will help you unlock the phone.  These unofficial “hacks”, however, may limit your warranty, so keep that in mind.


Unlocking your iPhone means unlocking its potential.  Isn’t that what the iPhone is all about?  It’s easy and there’s no reason to ever be locked out again.

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