Is it Safe to Smoke Around Your Gadgets?

1395108_robotNo doubt, you have plenty of electronics in your life.  Since these fun gadgets can be expensive, you want them to last as long as they can.  There are plenty of hazards that can attribute to your electronics’ shortened lifespan and smoke is one of the big ones.  For many who have a home office, smoking in their office is almost a perk of staying at home and even those that only use their electronics for personal reasons may not consider the damage they are doing to their gadgets just by lighting up.  If you want your expensive electronic toys to last as long as they possibly can, you will want to stop smoking around them.


Bad Habit


Smoking is never good for anyone.  The Surgeon General’s warnings on the cover aren’t just for show.  The fact is that cigarettes contain plenty of harmful chemicals and additives that have been proven to be harmful to the smoker and anyone who happens to be unfortunate enough to be around someone who lights up.  This smoke and the chemicals contained therein leave a film or a residue as it settles.  If you are a smoker, you likely smoke in your car, and have the problem of removing this film from the inside windshield from time to time in order to see, so you know exactly how annoying the film can be.  That same smoke snakes its way into every nook and cranny that it can, including into your gadgets, leaving that same film on vital electronic components in your favorite gadgets, which can lead to damage or just flat out make the gadget in question stop working completely.


Safer Alternatives


If you want that nicotine fix but also want to keep your gadgets at peak performance, you do have a few alternatives.  Nicotine gum is a great way to get that nicotine fix without annoying the people around you and since there is no smoke, the safety of your gadgets is better preserved.  Many smokers, however, have a tough time breaking the habit of smoking and a better option than gum may be an electronic cigarette.  Electronic cigarettes provide smokers with a healthier alternative to smoking without having to break their habit.  You still go through the same motions of holding a cigarette and inhaling and exhaling, and the vapor that you inhale can be customized so that it feels almost identical to taking a drag of your favorite brand.


SEE ALSO: VapeXhale Cloud Evo Reviews


Electronics really can last for a very long time if cared for properly.  Make sure that they do not get overheated, keep them as dust and dirt free as possible, and keep them away from smoke.  Otherwise, you are just wasting money.

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6 Tips to Avoiding Online Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs on a daily basis and ruins many people’s lives both financially and emotionally. There are 6 tips to avoiding online identity theft that will help prevent this heinous crime from happening to you. These tips are not total protection; however they will make it much harder for a thief to steal your identity and your happiness. You don’t have to be a victim.

Tip #1

The first in 6 tips to avoiding online identity theft is to remember that anyone can hack your information on the internet especially if you aren’t careful to protect it. Many people participate in online banking, however most do not understand how they can protect this information. The key thing to remember is that you must log out of the banking site when you are finished with what you are doing. Simply closing the browsing window does not log you out of the site. Anyone who has hacked your computer network connection can see what you have been doing online after you’ve already closed your browser. By logging out, you make it more difficult for them to access your private banking information.

Tip #2

Most browsers now offer the option of remembering the user’s login and password information. This is a hacker’s dream. Never choose to have your login and password information saved. Again, this leaves the hacker open to accessing your information without your knowledge or permission. From their remote access computer, they can log on to any of the sites that require password and log in information once they have accessed your computer. And if you happen to get a virus, learn how to remove a conduit virus.

Tip #3

Change your log in and password information at least every six weeks. This will help slow down anyone who has hacked into your network and stolen your log in and password information. By changing it on a regular basis you make life a little more difficult on the person who is trying to take control of your identity and use it for their gain. Make sure that your log in and password does not match each other and keep them non-specific to you. If the thief knows you, then they will surely figure out your password.

Tip #4

If you must shop online do not save your credit card or bank card information on any of the shopping websites. Although most online websites use secure transaction methods, they are not always hacker proof. If you save your information with an online store you are waving a flag to an identity thief and saying “come steal from me”. Although you may be tempted by an online website’s claim that they have a completely secure system of managing your credit card information, don’t believe them. No system is a 100% secure.

Tip #5

Don’t leave your browsing window open longer than necessary to complete whatever it is you are doing. The longer you leave this open the more time an identity thief has to access your information. This is why many banking sites will “time out” after there has been no activity on a site for a specific amount of time. Many sites will also require you to log back in so that they can insure that you are who you say you are and not an identity thief.

Tip #6

Never email your private information to anyone. Don’t even email it to your family. Email is one of the easiest ways for an identity thief to access a person’s personal information. This is even true to “encrypted” emails. Just because it says that your email is encrypted doesn’t mean that it is 100% safe from hackers.

Overall you can protect yourself from identity theft online. These 6 tips to avoiding online identity theft will help you keep your identity where it belongs, with you. Never take a chance and think that you are completely immune to having your identity taken from you. Everyone is at risk.

Sam thankfully has never been a victim of identity theft personally, but he knows many people who have not been so lucky. He is a contributing writer for


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The Wonderful World Of The Apple Community


Even before ‘Sex And The City’s’ Carrie Bradshaw introduced her laptop with the little apple on the cover, Apple was already making leaps and bounds in its stride for Internet and online superiority and dominance.  With the iPhone 6 coming out soon it’s amazing to think that this struggling computer company has grown into the behemoth it is now.

There are an indeterminate number of online communities within the Apple community itself, the least of which is not of course the gaming community.  Professional online communities, as well as gaming communities, can all keep in touch with each other now thanks to a little organization/website known as ‘TAGthink’.  Never heard of it?


 Even If You Don’t Live In Georgia…

… Chances are, if you have anything to do with the online communities in general, you have no doubt heard of TAGthink.  It is an online crowdfunding community for professionals to share ideas.

Of course the fact that this is not an all-exclusive Internet connection site, its influence far exceeds Georgia’s boundaries. Professionals from all walks of life can utilize the discussions and forums on this website, for any number of uses, all the way from the possibility of finding professionals for hire to a TAG education collaborative involving businesses, professionalism, technologies, healthcare and more.


The Significance Of An Apple In History

If of course you are a believer, you already know that an apple influenced humanity overall in its very beginnings from the Garden of Eden.  In legend, William Tell shot this influential piece of fruit off of his son’s head – or something to that effect.  In theory, one of these particular choices in fruit each day keeps the proverbial doctor away.  And an Apple, as a conglomerate and a fruit, continues to influence the world today. It has in fact changed the Internet and communication in general forever., the conglomerate of course, not the fruit.

iPads, iPhones and iPods are in every home, pocket, office, college and dorm room all over the world. Even if you can’t afford to buy an iPad outright, there are iPad rental services available to help keep your business costs down. Or try using the iPad POS system in your business.

And whether you are an Apple user or a fan of some other line of communication product we can all become more familiar with what is going on in the technological world around us thanks to sites such as TAGthink and industry pioneers such as Apple.

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Hosting Options for Apple Lovers

Many people are migrating to FatCow as the popular website hosting service these days. If you own a Mac or are an apple software lover, many times it can be a pain trying to find the best service to support your website when you use your favorite apple device. Host gator, iWeb and MobileMe are some of the most popular platforms for webmasters that love to use apple  there are always other options online but many of the same rules Apply when picking a websites hosting service no matter what operating system or computer device you ate a accustomed to using.


Choosing a Service

It always helps to do your due diligence before settling on any final decisions. Many times checking apple forums are a great resource for cutting edge ideas that are outside the box but effective. No matter what hosting service you are looking at, you need a server dedicated to your needs. It’s always important to consider your top priorities for setting up a successful blog or website.


Apple’s not so Different

Once you identify your needs and priorities it is easier to narrow down the list or to focus your attention on the most viable candidates. It’s also important to concise the limitations of each hosting service incase your website or blog goes viral in an instant. You will different needs depending on the type of media and content you plan on using on the website. Integration with other Internet platforms like Facebook and twitter is another important factor to consider when making your final decisions.


Research shows that more and more people are using social network and friends likes when searching for information on the Internet. Take the time to evaluate your own aspirations before you begin to shop around for the best hosting service for website you will run and maintain trough your apple device.


Hostgator Coupons

How to Find a Web Host

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Never Get Locked Out Again

1399470_girl_with_mobile_phoneNo one can deny the greatness of the iPhone.  I know that I was in line the day that they hit the market and I wasn’t the only one!  Since I travel overseas so often and my carrier’s international roaming rates are so high, I went with the unlocked iPhone option, so that I can use any provider’s SIM card, giving me the option of using an overseas carrier with lower rates, while I am in Europe. Of course, the office does pay for a portion of those calls, since we are there on business, but the lion’s share of those expenses are paid by the employees who made the calls.  Little do my coworkers know just how easy it is to unlock the iPhone to get those lower rates.


Why Unlock Your iPhone?


For the most part, people don’t realize why they would have a need to unlock their iPhone and the general public tends to stick with the plan that their provider offers.  Well, I’ve never been the type who likes to be boxed into the first contract that is put in front of me.  Perhaps it has something to do with my fear of commitment…At any rate, having an unlocked iPhone means that I don’t have to just take what cell phone service providers are offering, to anyone who walks through the door.  An unlocked iPhone means that I can pick and choose which provider I want to use, even giving me the power to switch between carriers for different situations, simply by switching out the phone SIM card.  In other words, unlocking your iPhone gives you the freedom to make your own decisions, when it comes to your service.


Unlocking The iPhone


Now that you know why you should unlock your iPhone, you probably want to know how.  Don’t worry, I didn’t know how at first either!  It’s actually pretty easy and if you go through the official routes, it won’t void your warranty or interrupt any service.  The best way to get an officially unlocked iPhone is simply to buy one from Apple directly.  A few years back, iPhone started offering unlocked iPhones, for purchase directly from their stores and websites.  Your phone’s serial number is added to a database that keeps track of unlocked phones, so that the phone isn’t tethered to a specific provider.  This really is the best way, but there is also software available that will help you unlock the phone.  These unofficial “hacks”, however, may limit your warranty, so keep that in mind.


Unlocking your iPhone means unlocking its potential.  Isn’t that what the iPhone is all about?  It’s easy and there’s no reason to ever be locked out again.

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Gadgets to Keep You Kentucky Derby Wise

1225930_mobile_phone_1We are living in the future we dreamt about when we are kids.  No, we don’t have flying cars or hoverboards quite yet, but we are getting there!  We use our phones more for surfing the internet and using apps than we do for making calls.  Even our telephone calls have become futuristic with the invention of the video chat.  Since we live in the future, there is no reason that you can’t stay informed of any subject you want, 24 hours a day, and that includes the Kentucky Derby.


Gadgets Galore


One of the great things about living in the future is that we have an electronic gadget for pretty much anything.  If you want to stay on top of your favorite subjects, including full details on Kentucky Derby 2013, you can easily do so from pretty much anywhere.  If you are in line at the grocery store, you can check Kentucky Derby odds right from your phone.  If you have an e-reader (and these days, who doesn’t?), you are likely able to connect to the internet directly through the reader to get up to the minute information on the Kentucky Derby 2013 contenders, anywhere you decide you want to stop to check.


Tracking Down Information


Since we live in the future, one of the great tools available to us is the internet.   You can find information on pretty much any topic just with a quick search.  It is no different when it comes to staying informed about the Derby.  By conducting quick searches, you can find the most read information, but if you want to limit your search to only new information, you can even adjust your search to include only news from the past day or so.


If you are someone who is looking to bet on the Kentucky Derby, you definitely want to be up to date on all of your Derby information.  Luckily, it is easy to do in this day and age.  If you are planning on betting the race, you need to be as informed as possible, and as often as possible.

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Use Your Cell Phone to Watch Cricket In India

Many people use their cell phone to keep track of the live cricket scores in India.  Enthusiasts enjoy looking at their favorite IPL fan site or IPL betting site on their phone.  Watching cricket on the cell phone can be a great way to pass the time, while relaxing in India.  Many people are often surprised to hear that cricket is the most popular sport in India.  In contrast, cricket barely goes unnoticed in mainstream US markets, as it is building an American fan base.

You Need Quality for Cricket

It’s important to have a phone with 3G or 4G in order to get the best reception of a live game.  Take the time to call your cell phone provider and speak with a representative that can help ensure the network will support live streams of sportscasts.  Finding the right apps is also an important component for people that are serious about getting live cricket games to broadcast in their Android Mobile phones.  Depending on the area you live in, you may need to have a contract with the local cable company as well.

Know Where to Look for Cricket

ESPN Cricket news is one of the most popular choices for people that are interested in watching cricket matches, from their smartphone.  During 2012, the IPL was actually the first major sporting event to be broadcasted live over YouTube.  There really are many different options available; mostly dependent on the area you are located in, the type of cricket match and the type of wireless plan you are currently on.   Watching cricket matches on your phone probably isn’t the most appealing option, but many times it certainly can be the most convenient.

It’s important to consider all your options for getting cricket on your cell phone, before making any final decisions.  Dependent on the type of match you want to watch, getting the stream on your phone could be free and easy.  The wireless OS that your smartphone uses will also dictate how easy or difficult it will be to get cricket games on your cell phone.  Always be sure to check the internet for the latest reviews, before making any final decisions about which is the right service to choose.

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Will The New iPad Mini Be Under Your Christmas Tree This Year?

The new iPad mini created by Apple, Co. is a much sought-after product and is sure to be on many people’s wish list. It is sleek and so thin that it can be held in one hand. It’s built to compete directly with the Amazon Kindle Fire, Google tablet and other 7-inch tablets. The advantage is the iPad mini has hundreds of amazing apps ready for download. This new innovation from Apple is sure to be a coveted Christmas present this year.

How Can I Afford It

The new iPad mini starts at around $300, and that is for the base model. This gorgeous iPad is sure to be on someone’s list on your family this year, so what are some options for making their wish come true? One way is by taking out a personal loan. This type of loan is perfect for short term emergencies or spending sprees at Christmas time. You can apply for a personal loan at your local bank or credit union, and other financial institutions as well. The lender will take a close look at your income and credit history before they lend you the money. When you apply for a personal loan, the lender will also take into account how well you’ve paid your debts in the past. Also, another thing they check for is your debt-to-income ratio. If you have good credit and can afford to take on another loan, they will happily loan you the money. This process is easy and the interest rate is much lower than what you’re paying on your credit cards.

Borrowing a little money for the holidays is quick and painless if you take out a short-term personal loan. It can really help boost your holiday budget so you can put more presents under the tree, including that sought after iPad mini! So talk to your spouse about the possibility of taking out a personal loan to help finance a great Christmas; and then go get that new iPad mini before the stores run out. You’ll be a hero this holiday season, and your budget will stay intact.


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