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Five Great iPhone Apps for Travelers

You’ve been saving up.  You’ve planned.  You found your cheap car insurance for young drivers. You have your Megabus Coupons with free wi-fi.  Your camera is ready.  Your vacation is so close, you can taste the barbeque……Now what?  What happens, when you get to your destination and you want to find a good Hungarian restaurant?  Or if, on the spur of the moment, you need to find a romantic horse and buggy ride, so you can make that marriage proposal?  Did you just find out about a concert, that you didn’t know about before?  Need a rental car or even where the best places are to park?

Whether you travel only occasionally or you are the experienced traveler, Apple iPhone can make your trip easier, with numerous applications to help you along the way, of your next business trip or pleasure vacation.  Find out about  river fishing and other great vacation ideas. (Visit And, most of the app’s listed are FREE! Or unlock more apps by unlocking your phone and using

Flight Track

Ever gotten to the airport on time, only to find out your flight has in some way been delayed or even (gulp) cancelled?   If you do a lot of airline travel, this app is a must, if you are interested in every aspect about your flight.  It allows the user to check all important information about your flight, including delays, cancellations, gate numbers even aircraft speed and altitude.

The Weather Channel

Whether you are traveling by train, plain, automobile or motorcycle, this is a great application to have, in order to figure out what will be the day’s forecast,   You don’t need to keep checking the weather on the hotel T.V., as if you have ADD. The Weather Channel allows you mobility to instantly check on the weather, at your current location.


One of the easiest ways to find places to eat, in whatever city you are staying in, is Urbanspoon.  This application allows the user multiple search criteria, according to city, cuisine type, popularity, and price point.  You can even just shake your phone and Urbanspoon will pick the restaurant for you.  How easy!

Taxi Magic

If you don’t care to spend the day walking around, or you just need to get over to that special event, Taxi Magic is the easiest way to go, when you need a cab.  From your phone you can call, track and pay for your cab.  The “magic” is the cab company must be participating in the booking end of the app, in whatever city you find yourself.  If the local cab companies do not participate in Taxi Magic, you will still be able to find a list of cab companies and numbers to call.


This is a simple to use comprehensive program that allows the user to search for a multitude of businesses, services and events.  Search either by the city you are in or your current location.  You can search restaurants, by the type of cuisine or shopping, by the type of store.

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Find Hot Celebrity Skin Care Products With Your iPhone

This is as easy as it can get. Search with Safari, Google, Yahoo or your favorite search engine and type in celebrity skin care products. Get your notebook and pen because it’s going to be a long night.

Just Exactly What’s Out There?

There are inexpensive secrets of the stars as far as skincare goes. There are not so inexpensive secrets of celebrity skin care out there as well. From natural homemade concoctions all the way up to pricey skincare regimes; the possibilities are mind boggling. As many stars as there are in Hollywood, that’s how many celebrity skin care regimes you will find on your iPhone. Each has their own products, their own methods and their own beliefs.

Christie Brinkley… ‘nuff said

Christie Brinkley looked great when she was young; now she’s not so young and she still looks great. She does in fact look better than great, and very nearly better than when she was young. How does she do it? Grab your iPhone, Google it and find out. From weight loss to skincare; celebrities are promoting products that they want us to believe that they believe in. It’s up to you to figure out who’s actually telling the truth and who is schmoozing.

They don’t call them actors for nothing.

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6 iPhone Apps that will Help with Managing Personal Spending Habits

Are you having trouble keeping up with your spending, and trying to find the right way to deal with your spending habits? If you are constantly on the go and have access to an iPhone, you’ll be perfectly fine with some good apps to help you keep your costs under control!

1. Mobile Banking
One cool app to get is Mobile Banking. There are a lot of these apps for free, so you’ll be doing yourself a favor by checking up on your account while you are out. In case you think of purchasing a big ticket item, you’ll have your correct account information right there, so you don’t overspend.

2. Tipulator
This kind of app is a bit different, but it’s very useful for when you go out to the bar or to a restaurant. The app is called the Tipulator. It’s 99 cents, but it’s a reliable source for finding out how much you should tip. This will keep you from over or under tipping. A lot of the tipping mechanisms are already on your phone, so it’s up to you to find out whether or not Tipulator is useful for you.

3. Pennies
For the habitual spender, there is a nice app called Pennies that will help you with your monthly budget. It costs $2.99 but it’s really effective and setting limits for yourself, so you don’t end up over spending and you keep your financial account under control. In this kind of economy, it’s important to save more than you spend.

4. Mint
If you don’t want to spend the money, but get the same kind of service – Mint app is for you. This is really useful not only for budget purposes, but it’s good for loan and debt purposes, too. You’ll be able to track your debt and loan costs, and help pay them off. Not only will you be able to do that, you’ll also be able to keep track of your investments and minimize your risks!

5. Virtual Key Ring
In the realm of making things more digital, you can keep your different reward cards on a virtual key ring. This is a great free app because you’ll be able to keep your store discount cards on deck to save money on groceries!

6. Grocery App
On top of that, there is a grocery app that will allow you to get your grocery list together, and get a look at how much things will cost for your budget.

If you keep track of your spending, you are less likely to go over budget. This will help keep you from getting in situations where a lack of available funds cause issues. Often those who need cash advances or payday loans may have missed a step in learning how to manage their budgets or perhaps have experienced an extreme financial hardship. Either way, it is important to know how much you have and how much you spend in order to balance your spending accordingly.

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eCommerce Uses for an Unlocked iPhone

Got an eCommerce business and an iPhone? If so, you need to consider jail breaking it.

Some people have a knee jerk reaction every time the words jail break come up but when it comes to the iPhone, jail breaking refers to the process of unlocking the iPhone and making it open source enabled so you can use it for a wide variety of other features than what you’re used to with

Cool Things to do with a Jail Broken iPhone

  • SB Settings – This feature will allow you to set all of your phones important settings like Wi-Fi and other controls that you use one a regular basis. This feature is especially handy if you’re on the road and need to manage your business from your iPhone. You can also use five icon dock to place icons for all of the programs that you regularly use on your home screen instead of having to search for them.
  • MyWi – Once you jailbreak your iPhone you will be able to access the internet anywhere you are without having to have a wireless internet plan with a carrier.
  • Overboard – Another cool app for accessing all of the program that you regularly use is overboard. This app costs $2 bucks but it’s another convenient time saver.
  • Dump the lock screen – After your iPhone is unlocked you can get rid of the unlock screen so you can go directly to your home screen every time you boot up your phone.
  • Browserchanger – If you’re sick of using Safari for all of your internet activities on the iPhone you can use browserchanger so you will have the ability to use your favorite browser anytime you want.

It’s Totally Worth It

Even though you might be hesitant at taking the first step, it’s totally worth it to jailbreak iPhone. This process will open up a whole new world of things that you can do with your phone and make it a more productive business tool.

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